Ping Tool

Used to monitor servers

Recently I wanted to monitor and compare some serves to see if I could make out any difference between them I took this opportunity to do something with PowerShell and Excel, because you can make PowerShell enter values in your excel sheet, so I thought I’d put this functionality to use to make something that will make it easier to deal with the results, The code I used for Excel:

$xl=New-Object -ComObject "Excel.Application"

After this I can just add stuff in my sheet by using the following line:
$cells.item(1,1)= $value

The 1,1 indicates the cell to put it in to. Here are some examples of the results this script can give.

images hosted on imgur

The code is FAR from perfect and by no means is written properly :^), but for those that want to give it a go I will provide a download link for the script, including a example file.

There is nothing checking for errors and stuff, use at your own risk, I am not responsible for breaking your stuff (you can read the source code yourself though..)

Click here to download
14 August 2017
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