Main PC "Jetlag" + Setup

A computer featuring a 4th generation Intel Core I7.



IntelCore I7 4790KDevils Canyon - 4 Cores @ 4-4.4Ghz (beast)

MSINvidia Gforce GTX960 4GBBecause I don't need more :^)

HyperXFury (black) 16GB DDR3Replaced Broken Crucial Kit, second one on the wishlist

CrucialBallistic Sport 8GB DDR3Relatively cheap ram kit - Not reliable imo.


IntelIntel 530 Series (240GB)Dated - Keeps up well with most modern drives.

Be Quiet!2x Pure wings 2 PWM (120MM)So worth it.

ASRockZ97 Anniversary (ATX)I love this board. (lack there of features like M.2 somewhat kill it though!)
Case-Custom"I'll finish it tomorrow" - Me 2015


KeyboardSteelSeries6Gv2Sounds awesome, types awesome, is awesome (Don't buy one in 2017 though)
MouseCMstormHavocWorks fine, Tracking is good
MouseLogitechMX MasterAmazing piece of tech (expensive though)
SpeakersLogitechZ-5500 (modded)Boom Boom BOOM
MonitorAsus2x V279HAwesome monitors, small bezels, colour reproduction is slightly different between the monitors though :/
Desk MatSteelSeriesQcK XXLHard to keep clean, works very well.

Server "OGSRV1"

Application server

I am using this server to host this website but also to do some virtualisation. There will be some upgrades happening to this server over time, like a migration to complete solid state storage and more memory. The server also stores footage from surveillance cameras. The SSD that is currently in my server is only for Virtual machines.
This system is a lot more power efficient with the CPU around a few W most of the time, the old Xeon (E5504) usually had to be at 2Ghz at 80W Power draw.


Crucial- 8GB DDR4To be upgraded soon.. only because I couldn't decide yet if I want to go to 64GB down the road.

IntelCore I5 7600Blew away my expectations when it comes to power and thermal performance (with stock cooling)

Be Quiet!Straight Power 10 (400W):) (I love these) I am using one in my server because I found they are reliable and efficient!

-5x 500GBWay too old, need replacement.(MTBF 600.000 hrs) 110 - 180MB/s (500+ with caching)

SamsungOEM SSD (benchmarks on about page)Achievement Unlocked - scavenger.

AsusB250M-A2x M.2 allowing for SSD storage the future.

Server Status

22 June 2017 ~20:00 : SSD has been added.

19 June 2017 ~18:00 : Updates have been installed.

10 May 2017 7:29 : All partitions have been resynced, system 100% up.

9 May 2017 22:43 : Services is done resyncing, Virtual machines(92% done) and Private data(22% done) in progress.

9 May 2017 ~17:00 : An update failed installing, the Raid arrays are no longer synced.

System statistics:

Operation CPU Temperature: 30-38 C
Hard Disk temperatures: 26-27 C
Average CPU load: 3-5%

Server roles

An overview of the currently roles + programs running on the server.

Build log

Here are some pictures I took while building up this machine!

Brand new I5 chip! (in plastic)
First picture I took after powering on the system for the first time.
Progress building in the case
Disk instalation (I put them like this to allow for more airflow (to be able to run the fan slower later.))
All the hardware installed in the case.
Completed by the super fancy Intel sticker on front.


Lenovo Yoga 710

Intel Core I7 6500ULow power I7, not comparable to a full fletched Desktop I7.
8GB DDR4 RamGeneric DDR4 ram, happens to be user replacable on this device.
256SSDnon mainstream brand, performs well.

I love it :)

Mini teardown review

I opened mine after finding some issues with audio playback; (Click in the bottom to select an image.)


Overview Image SSD Ram Shield Audio Connector

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